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The Clubfoot Community

Exchanging stories and solutions

Clubfoot Discussion Community
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This community is set up for people who were born with foot deformities, such as one or both being clubfeet. I realized there was no other place on LJ for people like me to come and discuss their treatments and hurdles, so I thought I'd create one!

It might take some time to get members rounded up, but feel free to start posting any time - about your story, how you deal with any limitations you might have (from trouble walking to not being able to buy shoes easily).

OCTOBER 2008: One of our members has started a Facebook group for adults with clubfeet! If you have a profile over there, check it out at this link.

Parents of clubfoot children are also warmly welcomed!

From Orthoseek:

What is clubfoot?

Clubfoot is a congenital deformity of the foot that occurs once per 1000 live births in the U.S. The foot has a typical appearance of pointing downwards and twisted inwards. Since the condition starts in the first trimester of pregnancy, the deformity is quite established at birth, and is often very rigid.

What causes clubfoot?

No one really knows what causes the deformity. It tends to be more common in boys, although girls are not exempt. There may be a positive family history. In rare instances a child born with myelomeningocele (spina bifida) or arthrogryposis may also have clubfeet. Beyond these observations, no actual cause is known. If your child has clubfoot, it is usually not due to anything you did or did not do during pregnancy.

During development, the posterior and medial tendons and ligaments (in the back and inside) of the foot fail to keep pace with the development of the rest of the foot. As a result, these tendons and ligaments tether the posterior and medial parts of the foot down, causing the foot to point downwards and the twist inwards. The bones of the feet are therefore held in that abnormal position. Over time, if uncorrected, the bones will become mis-shapened.

What are the symptoms of clubfoot?

Clubfoot does not cause pain in the infant. Because it is so obvious, it is usually discovered at birth. If left untreated, the deformity does not go away. It gets worse over time, with secondary bony changes developing over years. An uncorrected clubfoot in the older child or adult is very unsightly, and worse, very crippling. The patient walks on the outside of his foot which is not meant for weight-bearing. The skin breaks down, and develops chronic ulceration and infection.

That&apos;s me post-surgery at only a few weeks old - I have bilateral clubfeet. < (the moderator at a few weeks old, being held by Grandma - bilateral clubfeet)