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Working [Mar. 31st, 2008|09:06 am]
Clubfoot Discussion Community


I just found this community this morning. I just started working a part time job and it's killing my feet!! I have to be on my feet for 6-8 hours a day for about 5 days a week. When I get home I just collapse. Yesterday I worked my first 8 hour day and I almost had to crawl out of bed this morning to get ready for work again. Does anyone know of anything that can help with the pain? So, if anyone has any tips that would be fantastic.

[User Picture]From: prettyh
2008-04-27 07:56 am (UTC)
God, that makes it so much harder for you - not even knowing what they DID to your feet.

As I said, I'm only a nursing student, not a licensed RN/RPN or a doctor, so I can't tell you what you should or shouldn't take, but I would be happy to share my own experiences with you, so you might at least have some points of reference when you next see a doctor. Ask anything; I'm an open book! And feel free to friend my LJ. I don't talk about it a lot, but it obviously comes up here and there, because (as you well know) having bad ankles can change what we can and cannot do drastically from day to day.

*hug* Do you have a GP? Insurance?
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